Sunday, September 20 at Como Dockside, Como Park, St Paul

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Tickets are $50 per team of five. Purchase them here. All teams must have five players! No more, no less. (Preferably dressed in outrageous costumes.)

About Buxtahooda

The Buxtahooda is a team lawn games tournament at Como Dockside in beautiful Como Park in St Paul. Teams of five compete in games of skill throughout the day, with prizes for the top teams in each event, the overall top-scoring team, and the best-dressed team. And trophies! Who doesn’t love trophies.

The events: Bags, Ladder Golf, Volleybeer (giant beer pong), Microquet (tiny croquet), and Lawn Darts.

Presented by Trivia Mafia. Libations and vittles provided by our hosts at Como Dockside.

The Games

All members of all teams must compete in all events. Scores will be tallied by official Buxtahooda referees.


Your classic corn hole game. You’ll throw at one of two boards. Near board: 1 point for a bag on the board, 3 points for a bag in the hole. Far board: 3 points on the board, 5 points in the hole. Each player throws three bags.

Ladder Golf

Throw the dongly thing at the laddery thing. 5 points for the bottom rung, 3 for the middle, 1 for the top. Each player throws three dongly things.

Lawn Darts

No, not the cool retro kind. The legal, non-deadly kind. Still fun though. Get your dart into one of three target areas for 1, 3, or 5 points. Each players tosses three darts.


It’s giant beer pong! Your goal: To put a volleyball into one of three large red trash bins. The near can is worth 1 point, middle can is 2, and the far can is three. Bounce it to double your points! Each player shoots three balls.


It’s a tiny croquet course! One ball, one wicket. Each player’s score is 6 minus the number of strokes needed to get through the wicket.


Registration begins at NOON at Como Dockside. Medal ceremony begins at 5PM.


Have a question? Here are some FAQs relating to the event.

What’s a Buxtahooda?

It’s a made-up word that doesn’t mean anything, until now. Now it means a big party where people dress up in goofy costumes and compete in games of skill, most of which involve throwing stuff at other stuff.

Where does it start?

Check-in starts at noon on Sunday, September 20, at Como Dockside. Purchase your team ticket here.

Where does it end?

The Buxtahooda ends with a medal ceremony at the Como Dockside Pavilion at 5 PM.

What do teams wear?

There is no dress code, but there is a prize for "Best Costume." So be creative.

Are there drink specials?

Of course! Details TBA as soon as we find a beer sponsor. It’ll be great, we promise.

I thought the Buxtahooda used to be a pub crawl.

That’s not a question. But you’re right, it was. Now it’s more of a field day. Same idea though: Play a bunch of games, have some drinks, wear goofy costumes. Less walking around this way.

So where is it?

The whole she-bang takes place at Como Dockside, the great new restaurant an pavilion on Como Lake in Como Park. It’s the perfect venue for enthusiasts lawn-style recreations such as yourself.

What are the prizes?

The team with the highest score at the end of the Buxtahooda gets $500 cash. Other prizes will be awarded for the highest-scoring team in each event as well as the best-dressed team.

How do we know what our score is?

Using the Buxtahooda mobile site. All teams scores will be updated in real time throughout the tournament, so you’ll always be able to see where you rank (and which teams to root against).

How will ties be broken?

Probably rock-paper-scissors or robot dance-off.

How much fun is this going to be?

Just crazy amounts of fun.

Are spectators allowed?

Yes! Bring your friends and tell them to cheer you on. They get the drink specials too, but they’ll need a ticket/wristband if they want to compete.

Is drinking necessary at the Buxtahooda?

No. Drinking is always optional. We think it makes us better at the games, but we’re probably wrong about that.

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From the Brains Who Brought You the Zombie Pub Crawl